Good news!The group's WeChat official account won another honor

Recently, from the 2023 WeChat official account Operation and Maintenance Experience Exchange Seminar of the Construction Industry and the National Excellent official account Award Ceremony, the group's WeChat official account won the title of "2023 National Excellent WeChat official account of the Construction Industry", which is the third consecutive year that the group's WeChat official account won this honor.




So far, the group's WeChat official account (including video number) has 8632 fans, 731 articles have been published, and 1.4 million times of reading.

In recent years, Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group has made every effort to promote the integration of media development, actively exploring and innovating in publicity ideas, institutional mechanisms, and methods. It has constructed a publicity matrix of "one newspaper, one network, two micro accounts, and five accounts", namely "1125". Focusing on the central work of the group, it has continuously strengthened its publicity efforts in production and operation, engineering construction, technological quality, model figures, cultural activities, and other aspects. Eight branch WeChat official account were opened to display the image of the Second Construction from multiple angles and in all directions, tell the story of the Second Construction, spread the voice of the Second Construction, effectively play the service function of publicizing ideological and cultural work, and create a good public opinion atmosphere for the high-quality development of the Group.

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