The Group Holds the 2023 Promotion Meeting for Propaganda,Ideology,Culture,and Communist Youth League Work




On the morning of April 20th, the group held the 2023 promotion meeting for ideological and cultural propaganda and the work of the Communist Youth League in the third conference room of the Xi'an base. Ai Qingchun, Deputy Secretary of the Group Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Zhao Taotao, Minister of the Party Committee Propaganda Department and Manager of the Enterprise Culture Department, presided over the meeting.




To further promote the ideological and cultural work of the group and the work of the Communist Youth League, Ai Qingchun emphasized: firstly, to implement the requirements of higher authorities for promoting ideological and political work. To focus on the center and exert comprehensive efforts; To continuously learn and improve skills; To strengthen leadership and change work style; We need to coordinate planning and layout. Secondly, all propaganda workers should strengthen their learning and light up the "guiding light"; To improve one's ability, turn on the 'turn on light'; Go to more projects and light up the "Searchlight"; To maintain a constant temperature and turn on the "energy light"; Pay attention to public opinion and control "fire extinguishers". Thirdly, all Youth League workers should light up the "theoretical literacy" lamp and cultivate themselves; To light up the lamp of "learning, thinking, practicing, and realizing" and take on the responsibility of action; To light up the light of "integrity and self-discipline" and improve work style.

Zhao Taotao, Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee and Manager of the Corporate Culture Department, conveyed and studied the spirit of the 2023 Propaganda Ideological and Cultural Conference of Shaanxi Construction Holding Group, reviewed and summarized the propaganda ideological and cultural work in the first quarter, reported on the learning situation and publication of propaganda articles for the study of strengthening the country in the first quarter, and arranged and deployed the 2023 propaganda ideological and cultural work.

Dai Baibing, secretary of the Youth League Committee, conveyed and learned the spirit of the first congress of the Communist Youth League of China Shaanxi Construction Holding Group Co., Ltd., and arranged and deployed the work of the Communist Youth League in 2023.

Xie Chaohui, Director of the Party and Government Office, read out the "Decision on Commending the Outstanding Correspondents of the Group in 2022".




The meeting commended the outstanding correspondents of the group for the year 2022 and conducted training on news writing and news photography.

More than 80 people attended the meeting, including heads of relevant departments such as the Organization Department of the Group Party Committee, the Party and Government Office, the Party Committee Propaganda Department (Enterprise Culture Department), the Trade Union, and the Youth League Committee, as well as party branch secretaries, propaganda work leaders, youth league branch secretaries, communication representatives, and correspondents from various departments of the grassroots units.

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