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Shaanxi Construction Engineering Second Construction Group Co., Ltd. was established in October 1955, formerly known as the Seventh Division of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Construction Engineering. It is a renowned large-scale state-owned construction enterprise with a registered capital of 1.5 billion yuan and its headquarters are located in Baoji, an important node city of the Silk Road Economic Belt. As one of the backbone enterprises of Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group, Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group has dual special level qualifications for construction general contracting and municipal public engineering construction general contracting, dual A-level qualifications for construction industry design and municipal industry design, as well as highway engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, building mechanical and electrical installation engineering, building decoration and decoration engineering, building curtain wall engineering, steel structure engineering, fire protection facility engineering, foundation foundation engineering, ancient building engineering Military industry confidential business consulting. With multiple construction qualifications and installation licenses, we have strong engineering construction general contracting capabilities.

With the growth of the People's Republic of China, Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group has made remarkable achievements in important historical periods such as the national "First Five Year Construction", "Third Line Construction", and national defense construction. Since the reform and opening up, in the process of large-scale urbanization construction, Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group has pursued excellence, fought against storms in market competition, stood up to the forefront, and built footprints across the country, from north to south. It has made significant contributions to national defense, aviation, water conservancy, electricity, municipal transportation, culture, health and sports, civil housing, urbanization construction, and has become a main force in the construction field of China.

In recent years, Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group has actively adjusted its business structure, adhered to the dual wheel drive of housing and municipal construction, and synchronized the development of markets within and outside the province. It has actively created a strong and professional business pattern, built a diversified industrial chain of construction, design, investment, and operation, and continuously increased its development scale and quality. The annual contract signing amount exceeds 20 billion yuan, the operating revenue exceeds 8 billion yuan, and the total profit and tax amount completed exceeds 300 million yuan, The comprehensive credit limit of the bank is 4.5 billion yuan.

Over the years, Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group has actively built a high-quality talent team, providing strong impetus for sustainable development and continuous innovation. The group has over 1500 professional talents of various types, including more than 600 personnel with intermediate and senior professional titles, more than 500 national first and second level registered construction engineers, and more than 100 national, provincial, and municipal excellent project managers and excellent construction engineers. A large number of high-end talents in architecture, municipal engineering, design, operation and management are playing a pivotal role in the vigorous development of Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group.

Technological innovation leads the development of enterprises. The group's "provincial-level enterprise technology center", design institute, and BIM technology center have built a technological bridge in new construction technology, information construction, and construction industrialization. Shaanjian Second Construction Group has successively obtained more than 60 national and provincial construction methods, 350 national and provincial QC groups, more than 60 national invention and utility model patents, more than 10 national and provincial scientific and technological innovation achievements awards, more than 50 Shaanxi Province new technology demonstration projects, and edited and participated in multiple national and provincial standards and specifications, The group has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise and has been awarded the titles of "Excellent Enterprise in National Engineering Construction Quality Management Group Activities" multiple times.

Over the past sixty years, the people of Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Company have unwaveringly adhered to the concept of quality and excellence, with the mission of "building high-quality projects for society", and have created countless architectural monuments. The six projects undertaken by the group, including China Yan'an Cadre College, No. 300 Research Building of AVIC First Aircraft Design and Research Institute, and the Science and Technology Innovation Port of Xi'an Jiaotong University, have won the "Luban Award" for China Construction Engineering; Eight projects, including Xi'an Faste Research Institute, China New Era International Engineering Company Headquarters R&D Base, Intelligent Drilling Equipment and Coalbed Methane Development Industrial Base, and Fengdong i-Cube, have won the National High Quality Engineering Award; Three projects have won the "Installation Star" award in China, one project has won the Excellent Residential Community Gold Award of the Zhan Tianyou Award in China Civil Engineering, and one project has won the Shaanxi Provincial Municipal Gold Award Demonstration Project; 45 projects have won the provincial "Chang'an Cup" and high-quality projects within the military; We have successively created 232 national and provincial-level civilized construction sites, created 30 national, provincial, and municipal level civilized construction site observation sites, and created more than 100 national and provincial-level green demonstration projects and green construction observation sites. The Shaanxi Telecom Network Management Building constructed by the group is known as the "pearl of Xi'an High tech Zone" and has made great contributions to the construction of the holy land of Yan'an, Red Zhaojin, and Jiaotong University Science and Technology Innovation Port. The two super high-rise projects currently under construction, Wenzhou Lucheng Square and Guohong Center, with a height of over 350 meters, will once again refresh the height of the second building.

Over the course of more than sixty years of development, after several generations of refinement and inheritance by the Second Construction Group, Shaanxi Construction Group has formed an iron army style of "daring to fight tough battles and being good at winning battles", condensed the enterprise spirit of "dedication and trustworthiness, brave responsibility, building high-quality products, and pursuing excellence" with a strong iron bone, established the core values of "people-oriented, innovation, responsibility, cooperation, and win-win", and forged a corporate culture of "iron army sincerity, building towards goodness". As a large state-owned construction enterprise, Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group continuously strengthens the construction of the Party, corporate culture, and spiritual civilization, adheres to the principle of "building branches on projects", and carries out a series of exciting group cultural activities. The cohesion of the enterprise continues to strengthen, and the happiness index of employees continues to improve. The group adheres to fulfilling its social responsibility and continues to demonstrate the responsibility of state-owned enterprises in earthquake relief, poverty alleviation, epidemic prevention and control, and social welfare.

Architecture is a solidified note and immortal poem on the earth. For over sixty years, Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group has been striving to build an industry-leading innovative construction enterprise. We have successively won numerous honors such as National Excellent Construction Enterprise, National Advanced Enterprise in the Construction Industry, National Top 100 Growth Enterprises in the Construction Industry, National Advanced Enterprise in Engineering Quality Management, Shaanxi May Day Labor Medal, Shaanxi Province "Contract Abiding and Credit Valuing" Enterprise, and Shaanxi Province Civilized Unit, inspiring the second construction personnel to catch up and surpass and move towards a new historical height.

Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group is willing to work together with friends from all walks of life to create a brilliant tomorrow!

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