Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group launches a volunteer service activity to learn from Lei Feng

This year marks the 60th anniversary of Mao Zedong and other older Revolutionary 'inscription on Comrade Lei Feng. In order to deeply study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the important instructions and instructions on learning from Lei Feng's volunteer service, and vigorously promote the spirit of Lei Feng and volunteer spirit, on March 3, the Youth League Committee of the group carried out a service activity for learning from Lei Feng's volunteers with the theme of "passing on the spirit of Lei Feng from generation to generation, making contributions to the new era of youth".




The activity kicked off at the launch of "Learning from Lei Feng" volunteer service month in Baoji and the unveiling ceremony of "Youth Sports Park". The Youth Volunteer Service Team of the Youth League Committee of the Group "Toward Good and Second Construction" made its debut and was invited to participate in the launching ceremony jointly hosted by the Communist Youth League Baoji Municipal Committee and Baoji Civilization Office. At the ceremony, the activity arrangement of Baoji City Volunteer Service Month and youth park (fellowship) activities were reported, and the "Baoji Youth Sports Park" was unveiled. The group's "Second Construction for Good" youth volunteer service team claimed the management and protection task of a Weihe River wetland park.




After the ceremony, the group's young volunteers took Bin bag in their hands and carefully cleaned the fallen leaves, plastic garbage and sundries in the green belt along the road. Everyone will not let go of a cigarette end, a piece of waste paper, a plastic bag... every volunteer is dedicated and responsible. Volunteers not only act as "cleaners" but also as "propagandists" while cleaning up, actively promoting policies and guiding civilization to the masses, spreading the seeds of civilization in the spring of Baoji, creating a good atmosphere of "everyone practicing civilized norms, everyone assisting in creative work", and winning praise from passersby.

Through this environmental cleaning activity, not only did it create a clean, clean, and beautiful environment for the Unity Sports Park, but it also played a good demonstration role in protecting environmental hygiene and practicing the concept of civilization. It showcased the excellent spirit and appearance of the group's "Building for the Good" youth volunteer service team.

In the afternoon of March 3, in order to actively carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng and inherit the fine traditional virtue of respecting the old and caring for the young of the Chinese nation, volunteers from Baoti Project Department of Shaanxi Second Construction Group Co., Ltd. came to Baoti Community under the leadership of Community practice to visit Wang Yuan, a 93 year old old man living alone here, practice the spirit of Lei Feng and promote the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation of "respecting, loving and respecting the old", Advocate the volunteer spirit of "dedication, friendship, and mutual assistance".



Volunteers presented prepared comfort items to help the elderly clean and tidy up their rooms. Upon learning that the elderly had not eaten, the volunteers immediately prepared delicious meals for the elderly and chatted with them, bringing laughter and happiness to the elderly. The elderly person living alone, Wang Yuan, was very moved and smiled, saying, "Although her daughter is not around, I don't feel lonely anymore because you children miss me." Seeing the smile on the old man's face, the volunteers were also heartfelt happy.




This activity allows the elderly to truly feel the care and warmth of society. Volunteers gather and convey warmth through their practical actions, and carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng.

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