The group launched a volunteer tree planting activity titled"Protecting Green Mountains and Waters to Show the Responsibility of State Owned Enterprises"

In the third month of Yangchun, all things are green, planting trees and sowing green is just the right time! On the occasion of the 45th National Arbor Day, Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group launched a volunteer tree planting activity called "Protecting Green Mountains and Waters, Demonstrating the Responsibility of State owned Enterprises".




On March 11th, under the leadership of Ai Qingchun, Deputy Secretary of the Group Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union, the Group Trade Union and Youth League Committee carefully organized more than 40 young employees to go deep in the Qinling Mountains to carry out a voluntary tree planting activity to learn from Lei Feng. After arriving at the destination, the young people rushed to collect the saplings and, led by the staff, walked for 10 minutes to reach the planting site. Subsequently, the staff distributed tree planting tools and explained the techniques of planting trees on mountain slopes, urging everyone to pay attention to safety.




During the tree planting process, everyone was enthusiastic and full of enthusiasm. In groups of three to five, they worked together and cooperated harmoniously. Some dug pits, some helped trees, some raised soil, and some watered the trees. Each process was orderly, and there was a lively labor scene everywhere. From time to time, they could also hear laughter echoing in the mountains. Everyone gathered firewood and the flames were high. After a morning of hard work, newly planted green seedlings formed a beautiful scenery line on the hillside. Everyone also took photos with the seedlings they had planted themselves. Finally, everyone took a group photo as a souvenir. The team members held their labor tools high and cheered.




This voluntary tree planting activity not only inherits and promotes the spirit of Lei Feng, but also enhances the environmental awareness of young employees that "planting trees, greening the environment, everyone is responsible". At the same time, it also promotes communication and exchange among young employees of the group, enhances their emotions, allows them to enter nature, relax their body and mind, and invest in future work with a better mental state, contributing to the vigorous development of the group.

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