Group Baoji Jing'er Road 102 Hospital Project Launches Labor Competition



On the morning of March 24th, Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group held a labor competition launch ceremony at the Old City Renovation Project Department of No. 102 Jing'er Road, No.1 Company. At the ceremony, the project leader introduced the construction of the project and made a statement, read out the labor competition plan, presented the flag of "Worker Sakigake", and signed the labor competition goal responsibility letter. Vice Secretary of the Group Party Committee and Trade Union Chairman Ai Qingchun requested in his speech that the project department should attach great importance to the progress of the project, and the management personnel participating in the construction should have goals in their hearts and responsibilities on their shoulders, and complete the project on schedule. We must firmly adhere to the red line of safety production, strictly implement the responsibility system for all employees' safety production, and ensure safety without accidents. We need to refine project construction management, strengthen process control, arrange processes reasonably, improve construction efficiency, ensure project quality, and form a wave of rapid progress. We need to strengthen internal and external communication and collaboration, implement various regulatory requirements, and achieve the goal of labor competition to promote project construction.

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