The group collaborates with the resident community to carry out new era civilization practice and science popularization promotion activities



On April 11th, Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group, together with the resident Xinbaolu Community and the party building joint units in the jurisdiction, carried out a new era civilization practice and health emergency knowledge promotion and free consultation activity in the Baoji office building of the Second Construction Group. More than 50 employees and community residents participated. Experts from Baoji Vocational and Technical College, Baoji Science and Technology Association and Baoji Seismological Bureau were invited to give lectures on health and science popularization with the theme of "balanced diet, scientific health care", "Cardiopulmonary resuscitation", chronic diseases and family first aid, "earthquake prevention, disaster reduction and self rescue", to pass on the correct lifestyle and health concept to employees and residents, and effectively improve everyone's emergency self-help and mutual rescue skills, Widely welcomed by employees and residents.



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