The Group Holds the First Fifth Workers'Congress and 2018 Work Conference

On April 3rd, the first 5th Workers' Congress and 2018 Work Conference of Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group were grandly held in the conference room on the third floor of the Baoji Workers' Club of the group.

Liu Xiaoqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union of Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., and Han Junfeng, Minister of the Organization Department and Human Resources Department of the Party Committee, attended the conference and provided guidance. More than 260 people, including members of the group leadership team, assistant to the general manager, third deputy general manager, head and deputy heads of government departments, party, political, and industrial leaders of grassroots units, employee representatives, non voting representatives, and retired special invited representatives, attended the conference. The conference was presided over by Zhao Gang, Deputy Secretary of the Group Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union.




The meeting first conveyed and studied the spirit of the Second Workers' Congress of Shaanxi Construction Group and the 2018 Work Conference. Subsequently, Liu Xinchao, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group, delivered a speech titled "Integrating Management into the New Era and Reinventing Innovation - Realizing the Organic Unity of Development Speed and Quality".

Liu Xinchao pointed out that in 2017, under the effective supervision of the Provincial State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and the correct leadership of Shaanxi Construction Group, with the unremitting efforts of all employees, the Second Construction Group made steady progress in all aspects of the enterprise's work, achieved good results in all indicators, and led the province in the areas of "Double Special and Double A". The achievements of brand construction were fruitful, talent construction continued to improve, quality and efficiency were significantly improved, and structural adjustment achieved initial results. Party and mass work continued to progress, and the work of the enterprise steadily advanced. The group completed a contract signing amount of 10.72 billion yuan throughout the year, achieving a revenue of 5.218 billion yuan and a profit of 68.53 million yuan. Obtained 2 national level QC achievements, 12 provincial-level QC achievements, and 2 provincial-level construction methods; Obtained 2 national patents; Create three provincial-level new technology demonstration projects; The mechanical and electrical installation project of Jinyuan Building has been awarded the China Installation Engineering Quality Award (Installation Star), and the group's professional engineering field has won the national quality award; Create 1 standardized construction site for national construction project safety production and 10 provincial-level civilized construction sites; 8 provincial-level green construction demonstration projects; Four provincial and municipal level civilized and green observation sites have been built, effectively enhancing the social influence of the enterprise. The guiding ideology of the 2018 group work is to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the spirit of the National Two Sessions, implement the requirements of the annual meeting of Shaanxi Construction Group, follow the "two-step" strategic goals of Shaanxi Construction Group, focus on the requirements of Shaanxi Construction Group's "Third Five Year Plan" work, integrate into the new era, strive for new achievements, and do a good job in high-quality development work in the deepening year of "management innovation".

Liu Xinchao emphasized that in 2018, the group should "focus on one center, use two levers, commit to three major reforms, deepen four strengthening, gather the joint efforts of the party and the masses, and write a new chapter." Adhere to management innovation, and achieve the organic unity of development speed and quality. Centered around one center: it is necessary to actively adjust the structure, refine cost management, standardize management expenses, and achieve project profits by focusing on improving quality and efficiency. Utilize two levers: firstly, to liberate the mind and enhance ideological awareness; Secondly, we need to focus on market development and expand our business landscape. Commit to three reforms: first, accelerate the reform of Talent management, second, accelerate the reform of brand quality management, and third, accelerate the reform of financial management. Deepen four enhancements: firstly, strengthen the standardization of on-site management; Secondly, we need to strengthen information technology construction; Thirdly, strengthen the assessment and evaluation work; Fourthly, we need to strengthen the implementation efforts. Consolidate the joint efforts of the Party and the masses: We must adhere to the requirements of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Construction Group, adhere to the practical work of benefiting the people, adhere to the implementation of the "Three Mechanisms", adhere to the promotion and implementation of corporate culture, adhere to the rectification of conduct and discipline, deeply implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, implement the "Five Modernizations" work, the "Five Outlooks" concept, and the "Five Emphasis" requirements of Shaanxi Construction Group, unite and work hard, achieve high quality and efficiency, seek the interests of employees, and accumulate more strength for the development of the enterprise, Contribute more high-quality projects to society.

Han Jianwei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the Group, reviewed the work of the Group in 2017 in the administrative work report, and put forward six specific requirements for the main tasks and measures of the Group in 2018. The first is to change business philosophy and enhance business quality; The second is to implement fine management and enhance management efficiency; Thirdly, improve the management mechanism and enhance the quality of development; Fourth, deepen reform and innovation, and enhance development momentum; Fifth, accelerate team building and enhance development vitality; Six is to adhere to people-oriented principles and enhance development consensus.

Zhao Gang, Deputy Secretary of the Group Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union, delivered a report on the work of the trade union to the conference, proposing specific requirements for the 2018 trade union work to revolve around the center, take initiative, seek truth and pragmatism, and provide innovative services.

Finally, Liu Xiaoqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union of Shaanxi Construction Group, delivered an important speech. He first fully affirmed the development achievements and highlights of the work of Erjian Group in 2017. Firstly, internal cohesion and external influence have significantly increased, and employees are full of confidence in the development of the enterprise; Secondly, all economic and technical indicators have been fully completed; Thirdly, the quality of operations continues to improve, and the effect of connotation construction is obvious; The fourth is to take the lead in obtaining the "Double Special and Double A" qualification, leading the upgrade of Shaanxi Construction's qualification, and laying a solid foundation for the sustainable and long-term development of the enterprise; Fifth, the integration of party building, mass organizations, and retirement work into the central work has created a harmonious corporate culture atmosphere. Six suggestions were put forward for the work of Erjian Group in 2018: firstly, to recognize the new situation, scientifically plan, and catch up with and surpass the pace to move faster and more steadily; The second is to unleash the advantages of qualifications, make good use of the "double special and double armor", and let the energy of qualifications play a role; The third is to focus on key points and implementation, and solidly promote and implement key work; The fourth is to establish a brand and focus on technology, so as to elevate the enterprise brand to a higher level; The fifth is to strengthen party building and strengthen the leadership. Don't forget your original intention, remember your mission, deepen the three mechanisms, and integrate the requirements of the "Five Views", "Five Modernizations", and "Five Emphasis" into all aspects of enterprise development work; Sixth, care for employees and safeguard their rights and interests. Especially, we should pay attention to employees in difficulties, young employees, retired employees, and employees in other places.

The meeting conducted democratic evaluations on the members of the group leadership team and the staff home; Commended and rewarded the advanced collectives and individuals in the 2017 Economic and Technological Innovation Award Excellence Competition; We have fulfilled the results of the 2017 target responsibility assessment and signed the 2018 target responsibility assessment letter and the Collective Agreement; Three unit managers exchanged experiences at the meeting; The general manager of the group explained the employee representative proposal.

The conference calls on all employees of Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group to have the courage to venture and try, the courage to overcome difficulties, the responsibility to sacrifice oneself, and the never-ending state to inherit tradition, forge ahead, and achieve higher development goals of Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group, and write a brilliant chapter of high-quality development of Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group in the new era!

The conference successfully concluded in the passionate and enterprising song of Shaanxi Construction Company!

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