The design institute has completed the first batch of construction drawing design of Danfeng County EPC project and delivered it to the construction party

On April 8, 2018, the first batch of design drawings for the EPC general contracting of the "Luanzhuang Town Jiefang Village Resettlement Phase V Project" undertaken by the design institute of the group company successfully passed third-party review and were delivered to the construction party.

In January 2018, in the bidding and tendering of the "EPC General Contract for the Resettlement Project of Neighborhood Village, Luanzhuang Town, Phase V, Jiefang Village, Danfeng County, Shangluo City", the group company, as a member of the consortium, won the bid for the design part, including the construction drawing design of buildings 1 #~8 #, community supporting works and outdoor works, with a total construction area of 45700 square meters and a contract amount of 2.12 million yuan. This project is a key project for the relocation and resettlement of immigrants at the city and county levels, with a tight schedule and heavy tasks. After assisting the construction party in completing the detailed construction plan, the design institute immediately switched to construction drawing design. After completing the professional construction drawing design for buildings 1 # to 8 #, the design institute will promptly coordinate with the designated drawing review agency of the construction party, complete the problem modification response in a short time, and pass the drawing review. Finally, the design institute submitted eight sets of over 3000 drawings to the construction party within the specified deadline, ensuring the progress of the project. Other supporting engineering drawings will be designed and delivered at the end of April.

The design institute has accumulated certain experience during the implementation of this project, laying a solid foundation for further contracting construction, municipal engineering design, and EPC general contracting project design.

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