The student service center project of Xi'an Jiaotong University successfully passed the acceptance of"Huashan Cup"

A few days ago, a group of four members led by the "Huashan Cup" review team of the high-quality project of Shaanxi Construction Group reviewed and accepted the student service center project of Xi'an Jiaotong University contracted by the Fifth Division of the Group. Through project reporting, video viewing, on-site inspection, data access, and the meeting review of the head office of Shaanxi Construction Group, the review committee reviewed the project as conforming to the "Huashan Cup" standard of the high-quality project of Shaanxi Construction Group and passed the acceptance.

Before the start of the project, the company conducted a "Excellence Winning Cup" planning, clarified the project quality objectives, established a "Excellence Leadership Group" composed of construction, design, supervision, and construction, and formulated "Quality Excellence Plan", "Technical Data Excellence Plan", "Audio Video Data Excellence Plan", etc. We have established a quality assurance system led by the chief engineer of the group, with the overall responsibility of the company's technology and quality department, the technical leaders of the project department, and the technical leaders of each professional subcontracting unit. The quality objectives are decomposed into individuals. Adhere to the technical disclosure system, quality meeting system, sample guide system, reward and punishment system, and strict process control during construction, achieving excellence at once. In view of the characteristics of the steel structure of the project, the branch company and the project department actively adopted new technologies, new processes, new materials, etc., and successively won two provincial construction methods, provincial civilized construction site, provincial construction new technology application demonstration project, provincial high-quality Structural engineering, Shaanxi provincial and national green construction demonstration project and other awards.

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