The Group's civil air defense project at No.30,Jinger Road,Baoji City successfully passed the review of"Excellent Civil Air Defense Project"

On April 18, the civil air defense project at No. 30, Jinger Road, Baoji City, which was constructed by the seventh project department directly under the Group, successfully passed the review of "excellent civil air defense project".

The review was organized by the Baoji Civil Air Defense Office, and five review experts were specially invited to review the "Civil Air Defense Project at No. 30, Jinger Road, Baoji City" for "Excellent Civil Air Defense Project". The participants included Wang Qingguo, Chief Engineer of the Provincial Civil Air Defense Office, Yu Xiaofang, Leader of the Engineering Department of the Provincial Civil Air Defense Office, Tian Hucheng, Director of the Baoji Civil Air Defense Office, Yao Jianshe, Deputy Director, Xie Bin, Investigator, and Liu Jianguo, Chief of the Supervision Unit, Chief of the Design Unit, Chief of the User Unit, Head of the Science and Technology Quality Department of the Group Company, and Wang Guohua, Manager of the Seventh Direct Project Department.

The project is located at the Northwest Angle of the intersection of Jinger Road and Wenhua Road in Baoji City. Part of the project is an underground garage and part of the project is an underground pedestrian crossing of Wenhua Road, with a total floor area of 14436.84m ²; The construction nature of the project is a Class A single construction civil air defense project, with three protective units. It is usually used as a parking lot, and during wartime it is used as a second-class personnel shelter and material warehouse. The project started on December 26, 2014, was completed on November 25, 2016, and was officially put into use in April 2017.

According to the meeting procedure, the evaluation expert group first reviewed the engineering entity; Subsequently, the construction unit introduced the construction situation of the project, and the technical leader of the project department provided detailed reports on eleven aspects, including project overview, project control quality data verification, safety production situation, and project highlights, through PPT and project image data; Subsequently, the supervising unit evaluated the project and the design unit introduced the overview of the design; Finally, the engineering user also evaluated the usage of the project. After five parties' elaboration, the experts of the evaluation team discussed and provided evaluation opinions. Finally, it was announced that the project had successfully passed the acceptance of the "Excellent Civil Air Defense Project" with a high score of 94.5 points.







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