Unforgettable May Day Holiday-The Second Engineering Company of the Group Organized Employees to Carry out Expanding Mountaineering Activities

In order to celebrate the "May Day" Labour Day, build a positive team spirit and let the front-line construction staff get close to nature and relax. On May 1st, the Second Engineering Company of the Group organized more than 50 employees from the Jiaotong University Project Department, Qinxing Jiayuan Project Department, Yujingtai Project Department, and Huayuan Phase 7 Project Department to carry out expansion mountaineering activities in Meixian Wetland Park.

While delving into nature and relaxing both physically and mentally, mountaineering activities also enhance the friendship between employees. After the mountaineering activity, a self-service barbecue was also organized, allowing everyone to feel the warmth and happiness of their own collective.




A brief relaxation is for better work. Everyone expressed their desire to work with a fuller spirit, stronger confidence, unity, and initiative, and make positive contributions to the high-quality development of the group!

Due to the tight schedule, the employees in the Yanda Project Department still stayed at the construction site during the May Day holiday. Manager Zhou Xuan, on behalf of the Second Company, sent them holiday blessings, praising their dedication and inspiring them to stand on their positions, realize their values, and achieve their dreams!

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