New Youth light up the new era,offer love and build a new image-the seventh direct project department's charity donation activity to"people with intellectual disabilities"

What is youth? It's exam papers one by one, the homeroom teacher who suddenly appears at the back door, the brother sleeping in the upper bunk, the cicadas chirping and saying goodbye to each other in the summer Youth is not in time, but in the state of mind. Persisting in pursuing dreams and never bowing their heads, every dedicated person who strives to do their best in youth is the bravest warrior.




On the occasion of the May Fourth Youth Day, the seventh directly affiliated department of Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group received a notice from the Communist Youth League Jinghe New City Committee and the construction unit that it was a charity fundraising activity for the "Xianyang Hui Love Service Center for Intellectual Disabilities". After receiving the notification, Wang Guohua, the manager of the directly affiliated department, actively responded and arranged for Comrade Wei Zhuo of the Chongwen Shangxue Project Department to fully cooperate. He also called on the cadres and employees of the directly affiliated department, especially party members and cadres, to take the lead and generously contribute to the harmonious development of society and create a civilized and progressive social environment through practical actions.




Employees have joined the charity fundraising event one after another, and the entire donation process is in an orderly manner. The sincere concern shown by everyone not only carries the care for the "intellectually disabled", but also fully reflects the spirit of the "May Fourth Movement" promoted by our second construction team, setting a new image and benchmark in the new era.



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