Carrying Forward the Spirit of the May Fourth Movement and Blooming with Hot Youth-A Brief Introduction to the Construction of the Yanda New Campus of the Installation Company

At the symposium between teachers and students at Peking University, a request was made to young people: "Young people should become the new force to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, shoulder the hope of the country and the nation, pave the way and bridge for national rejuvenation, and contribute to the construction of the motherland." On Youth Day, let me focus on the young construction personnel of the installation company to record their passionate youth.

Since the launch of the labor competition for the new campus project in Yanda, under the unified deployment, the young commandos of the installation company, with the slogan of "120 days of hard work to ensure the timely delivery of the new campus project in Yanda", have vigorously carried forward the spirit of the young commandos who are especially able to bear hardships, fight, and contribute, and led the construction personnel to shoulder heavy burdens at the critical moment of ensuring quality and catching up with the construction period, and to study diligently in technical innovation Strive to set an example in terms of dedication and achievements, and carry out comparative engineering quality, safety construction, production assault, construction progress, civilized construction, and technological innovation in the three library areas, teaching areas, department buildings, and apartment buildings. Forming a good atmosphere of catching up and competing, the newly established BIM studio team has also entered the Yanda New Campus project, applying BIM technology to assist in the comprehensive pipeline layout of the project, fully demonstrating their youthful charm, and striving to contribute strength and wisdom to the safe, high-quality, and efficient completion of construction tasks.

Master Zheng Yonggui, who is responsible for the installation of pipes in the pipe trench in the school front area by the Project Department of Yanda New Campus of the installation company, won the honor of "Baoji City's Technical Expert" on the eve of May Day. At the coming of the May 4th Youth Day, the installation company called on all employees to become technical experts and build their careers based on their posts. The team of the Project Department set off an upsurge of "learning from Zheng Yonggui and carrying forward the spirit of craftsmanship", Jointly solving the difficulties and problems on site, continuously optimizing the construction plan based on the actual situation, is truly the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, each showing their unique abilities.

Strict safety production management

At the construction site, young commandos strictly adhere to engineering construction standards and safety production management regulations, overcome difficulties such as high difficulty and tight time during the rush period, and with a high sense of responsibility and a work attitude of striving for excellence, seize the time to ensure quality, fight hard to seize progress, and ensure the milestone construction period.

Seize joint management and progress together

We will strengthen progress management through methods such as adding personnel, overtime, and overtime. Young commandos will take the lead in taking turns on weekends and on-site monitoring of key areas at night. Branch leaders will lead departments to take turns on site every week to provide guidance and coordinate commands, thus forming a scene of joint management and clear division of labor. At the same time, young commandos actively promote their fearless spirit of being particularly capable of enduring hardship, fighting, and dedicating themselves, ensuring the completion of previous lagging projects in a short period of time and creating a working environment for later construction.






No slack in engineering quality

The scale of this rush period is very large, and quality assurance work has become the top priority of this rush period task. The project department conducts technical disclosure and on-site education for all construction personnel according to the engineering plan. In order to achieve full process supervision of the construction project and ensure the timely and high-quality completion of the project, the assault team fully plays a role in tackling key problems. During the construction process, from the installation of pipelines to functional testing and debugging, every key link is rigorous and meticulous. Each professional team shall promptly discuss potential problems, technical knowledge, key areas, etc., and adhere to the principle of not leaving problems to the next working face or hidden dangers in the project. They shall demonstrate the responsibility of the second construction installation personnel with practical actions.




Hard working and blameless rush to work period

Under the scorching sun, in narrow pipeline wells, enclosed basements, poorly ventilated underground pipe trenches, and outdoor supporting operations such as large-scale greening and lighting, working on construction sites filled with dust, noise, and odors for several hours without taking a sip of water, striving to overcome difficulties such as hot weather, heavy tasks, and tight schedules, and completing various coordination tasks with quality and quantity guaranteed, In just a few days, the construction progress and on-site changes have greatly improved, forming a construction scene of rapid progress!

In addition, the Yanda installation project team optimized the process flow during the coordination and completion of phased construction operations with quality and quantity assurance, achieving the effect of energy conservation and consumption reduction, bringing practical results to the project's diligence and thrift, improving quality and efficiency, and striving to achieve smooth delivery on schedule.





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