Six direct departments organize management personnel to receive training on the"Three Body and Four Standards"management system

In order to improve the overall management level of the six direct departments, make management personnel more clear about their job responsibilities, permissions, and workflow, ensure the continuous and effective operation of the management system, and better achieve the policy and goal of the group's "three bodies and four standards" integrated management system. Recently, the management personnel of the Sixth Direct Department organized a "Three Body and Four Standards" management system training in the Innovation Port conference room of Jiaotong University. This training is organized on a departmental basis, with a planned, purposeful, and targeted approach.

On the morning of May 13, 2018, management personnel from the technical department of the Sixth Direct Department gathered in the Innovation Port conference room of Jiaotong University to begin training. The entire training process was led by the Chief Engineer of the Sixth Direct Department, Luo Gang. During the training, Mr. Luo combined his own work experience from the following aspects: Monitoring and Measurement Resource Management System, Knowledge Management System, Product and Service design Management System, Project Quality Management and Post delivery Service Management System, Quality Inspection and Acceptance and Quality Problem Handling Management System, Internal Audit Management System The seven systems of "Management System Performance Inspection, Analysis, Evaluation, and Improvement Management System" are discussed, with a focus on standardizing the management of quality inspection, acceptance, and problem handling, clarifying quality responsibilities, improving quality awareness, and ensuring construction quality. If you don't understand the process, ask questions and discuss on-site. Mr. Luo finally requested that each project department return to continue training and learning, and that everyone achieve 100% mastery of the management system.

On the morning of May 17, 2018, the production department of the Sixth Direct Department was organized for training by Chen Yong, the person in charge of production. Manager Chen gave lectures on five systems: "Environmental Factor Identification and Evaluation Management System", "Construction Equipment and Facility Management System", "Engineering Material Management System", "Subcontracting Management System", and "Environmental Protection and Performance Monitoring Management System". When talking about "Subcontracting Management", he combined the situation where there are many subcontracting units in the first phase of Jiaotong University Innovation Port, and required that the construction quality, progress, and safety of subcontracting projects be guaranteed to ensure effective control of subcontracting management activities.

Other departments of the Six Direct Departments will gradually organize training and vigorously implement the new management system in their work. They will apply mature management experience, processes, and methods to their work, strictly implement various documents in the system, grasp core management ideas, and flexibly apply the management guidelines, methods, and operation guidelines to comprehensively push the management work of the Six Direct Departments to new heights, making new contributions to the high-quality development of the group!

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