Tenth Company Conducts Training Meeting on Improving Centralized Procurement Management

To further implement the new requirements and measures of the group company for centralized procurement work, strictly regulate procurement behavior, and continuously improve management level. On the morning of May 11th, the 10th Company held a centralized procurement management improvement training in the branch office meeting room.

This training adopts a centralized teaching method, with more than 30 people from the leadership team of the branch company, heads of various departments of the government, project managers of various ongoing project departments, and personnel of the centralized procurement system participating in the training.




Zhang Heping, Deputy Manager of the branch, first emphasized the significance and importance of conducting centralized procurement work, pointing out the economic benefits and management value that centralized procurement can bring.

Subsequently, Yang Juying, the person in charge of the centralized procurement system of the subsidiary, conducted a thorough interpretation of the centralized procurement system, typical case analysis, bidding implementation management, and the key work of centralized procurement in 2018. He also exchanged and discussed with the attendees on the practical problems encountered in centralized procurement management.

After the meeting, participants stated that the training was very inspiring and benefited greatly. They gained further understanding of the content and business process of centralized procurement work, laying a solid foundation for ensuring the comprehensive implementation of new regulations and laws in various project departments, and achieving legal compliance, cost reduction, and efficiency increase in centralized procurement.



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