Our province will further standardize and strengthen the work of Prefabricated building

Source: Shaanxi Provincial Department of Housing and Urban Rural Development

In order to implement the spirit of the conference on advancing the defense of blue sky, clear water, pure land and green mountains in the province, and in accordance with the requirement that "Prefabricated building account for more than 20% of new buildings in key areas in 2020, and more than 30% in the province in 2025", our province will further standardize and strengthen the work of Prefabricated building, and improve the development quality of Prefabricated building.

The Provincial Department of Housing and Urban Rural Development has made it clear that the following projects should be promoted to use Prefabricated building: residential buildings such as residential buildings, apartment buildings, staff dormitories, rural houses in villages and towns, public buildings such as office buildings, teaching buildings, hospitals, hotels, office buildings and large-span commercial buildings and stadiums, industrial buildings such as standard workshops and warehouses, and municipal utility engineering projects such as factory prefabricated underground utility tunnels, urban roads, municipal bridges, and landscaping auxiliary facilities, We should promote the use of prefabricated concrete structure buildings, steel structure buildings, steel-concrete composite structure buildings, and wooden structure buildings. For the above projects invested by governments in urban areas and fully invested by state-owned enterprises, Prefabricated building with a total construction area of 10000 square meters or more shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the Implementation Opinions on Vigorously Developing Prefabricated building and Prefabricated building shall be adopted.

All regions in our province will follow the goal oriented principle, focus on the weak links and problems, compare the work tasks undertaken by the region, the development foundation, and the local implementation plans and opinions, earnestly implement the requirements for the progress of prefabricated buildings, industrial development, and the improvement of project implementation ability, and refine the annual work plan and measures. According to the requirements, the prefabricated assembly rate of Prefabricated building projects should not be less than 15% for projects completed before February 1, 2018; For the projects reported for construction from December 30, 2020, Xi'an City and Xixian New Area should not be less than 30%, and Baoji City, Xianyang City, Yan'an City and Yulin City should not be less than 20%.

The reporter learned that our province will strengthen the design management of Prefabricated building, standardize and strengthen the construction management of Prefabricated building, and establish and improve the Prefabricated building construction credit system and Prefabricated building statistical reporting system. The Provincial Department of Housing and Urban Rural Development will organize the pilot demonstration of Prefabricated building projects, the pilot general contracting of Prefabricated building projects, the compilation of information prices of Prefabricated building components and parts, and guide and promote the construction of Prefabricated building according to the project promotion and market development of cities and counties.

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