In June,the provincial housing and construction system launched the"Safety Production Month"activity

Source: Shaanxi Provincial Department of Housing and Urban Rural Development

In order to further strengthen the publicity and education of safety production, enhance the awareness of national safety production and emergency management, and improve the public's safety quality, on May 30th, the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban Rural Development issued the "Notice on Carrying out the 2019 Safety Production Month Activity" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), clarifying the implementation plan for the 2019 "Safety Production Month" activity in the provincial housing and urban construction system, and proposing specific requirements for related work.

The "Notice" clearly states that the 2019 "Safety Production Month" activity of the provincial housing and construction system will focus on the theme of "preventing risks, eliminating hidden dangers, and curbing accidents". Focusing on deepening the reform and development of the safety production field in the provincial housing and construction system and implementing the safety production responsibility system, a series of informative, distinctive, and diverse publicity and education activities will be carried out to comprehensively promote the "seven prongs" of safety education, Consolidate and promote the concept of safety development and support the consensus of safety production work throughout society. The event was held simultaneously and synchronously in various cities in June 2019.

The Notice emphasized that the "Safe Production Month" activity of the provincial housing construction system should complete the following four key tasks: first, carry out centralized publicity on safe production. Carry out safety seminars and exchanges, safety publicity and consultation days, and organize mass safety activities. The second is to strengthen safety production education and training. Carry out safety production training for all employees, safety accident warning education, and collect and produce safety warning education videos based on safety production laws, regulations, policies, standards, and specifications. The third is to deepen the special rectification of safety production. Concentrate on deepening the special management actions for safety production in construction, hazardous chemicals, and other areas throughout the province, strictly hold accidents accountable, implement safety production handling and punishment measures, and force enterprises to fulfill their main responsibilities. Fourthly, organize emergency drills for safety production. Highlight the rescue of construction collapse, urban gas deflagration, Confined space and other accidents and escape from crowded places in the park and scenic area, and carry out a demonstration drill of government enterprise interaction.

The "Notice" requires the relevant competent departments of each city to attach great importance and effectively strengthen organizational leadership. Highlight key points and coordinate publicity. Make full use of news media such as newspapers, radio, television, and the internet to organize industry enterprises to hang "Safety Production Month" promotional banners at prominent locations in office locations and projects (stations), and hang safety warning slogans at hallways, external shelves, walls, and other places to create a good atmosphere for the "Safety Production Month" activity. In addition, it is necessary to timely summarize and report the progress of the activity to ensure its effectiveness.

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