Shaanxi Promotes"Three Economies"to Develop Xi'an Metro Line 1 Phase III Project This Year

Source: Sanqin City Daily

On May 28th, the Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the "2019 Key Points for Promoting the Development of the" Three Economies "in Shaanxi Province," Strengthening the Hub, Expanding the Portal, and Promoting Mobility, "which accelerated the development of the" Three Economies "and achieved new breakthroughs through a series of measures, helping the province catch up and surpass others and take new steps.

At the end of the year at the airport

82 International flight

Accelerate the preliminary work of Xi'an Xianyang International Airport Phase III Project to ensure the commencement of construction within the year. Complete the relocation of Ankang Airport, promote the expansion of Yulin Airport Phase II, and advance the preliminary work of airports such as Hanzhong, Baoji, and Huashan. Improve the layout of general airports, strive to build Shenmu and Hanhe airports, start construction of Hanyin and Linyou airports, carry out preliminary work for airports such as Binzhou, Yijun, and Shiquan, and promote the construction of Weinan National Civil Aircraft Test Flight Base.

Continue to expand the route network, and open a number of international passenger routes from Xi'an to Dubai, as well as a number of freight routes from Xi'an to Osaka, Moscow, etc. By the end of 2019, there will be 82 international routes. Actively explore routes for branch airports such as Yulin, Yan'an, Hanzhong, and Ankang, and improve the accessibility of branch airports within the province.

Increase civil aviation policy support, accelerate the preparation of base airlines such as Northwest Cargo Airlines and Tianju Airlines, and the development of local airlines such as Air Changan and Joy Air. Develop a strategic plan for the Xi'an International Aviation Hub and a three-year action plan for international passenger and aviation logistics across the province, and apply for a 144 hour transit visa exemption.

Start construction

Xi'an Metro Line 1 Phase III Project

Accelerate the follow-up projects such as the Xi'an Yinchuan High speed Railway, Yang'an Double track Railway, and the reconstruction and expansion of Xi'an Railway Station to ensure the completion and operation of the Mengxi Central China coal transportation channel and the intercity rail from Xi'an North Passenger Station to Xi'an Xianyang International Airport.

Promote the full commencement of Xi'an Yan'an high-speed railway, orderly promote the construction of Inter-city rail from Xi'an to Famen Temple to the airport, and strive for the commencement of Xi'an Shiyan and Xi'an Ankang high-speed railway within the year. Actively promote the construction of subsequent projects, accelerate the preliminary work of the Yan'an Yulin high-speed railway, and carry out research on preliminary plans for projects such as the New Xi'an South Station, Weibei Tourism Rail Demonstration Line, and the Binchang Mining Area to Sichuan Chongqing Railway Corridor.

Promote the implementation of the third phase construction planning project of Xi'an Metro, and start the construction of Xi'an Metro Line 1, Phase III and other projects.

Implement differentiated toll collection for highways

Accelerate the construction of a number of key facilities such as airport freight areas and newly built railway logistics parks, and strengthen the connection between land and airport infrastructure.

Strengthen cooperation with Jingdong, Bulgaria Air and other airlines in the aviation field, and determine the construction plan of cargo airport site as soon as possible. Implement policies that benefit the people, such as differentiated toll collection on highways and the reduction of current standards for freight vehicle tolls.

Establish a mechanism to promote the work of the fifth navigation rights, and strive to open the fifth navigation rights route by 2019. Increase the application efforts for national multimodal transport demonstration projects, and develop new formats such as truck flights. We will continue to focus on the development of the new Chang'an line of the Trans-Eurasia Logistics, which is planned to run 1800 trains throughout the year.

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