Good news!Three projects of Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group won the"Chang'an Cup"award for high-quality engineering in Shaanxi Province

Recently, good news came from the Department of Housing and Urban Rural Development of Shaanxi Province. The list of award-winning projects of the "Chang'an Cup" award for high-quality projects in Shaanxi Province in 2022 was announced. Fengdong i-cube, Qujiang Fenghua Plot A Phase V Project and China Mobile Western North Region Logistics Center production scheduling housing projects undertaken by Shaanxi Second Construction Group were on the list, winning the "Chang'an Cup" award for high-quality projects in Shaanxi Province.




The Fengdong i-Cube Project is located east of Keyuan Road and north of Hongguang Road in Fengdong New City, Xixian New District, Shaanxi Province. It is a public building that integrates office, apartment, and commerce. The building area is 68417.75 square meters, with 2 underground floors, 12 above ground floors (T1 and T2 floors), and 15 floors (T3 floors). Underground for garage and equipment rooms; Above ground, there are office and commercial buildings (T1 and T2 buildings), apartments and commercial buildings (T3 buildings). The height of T1 and T2 buildings is 48.75m, while the height of T3 building is 49.55m.




Qujiang Fenghua Block A Phase V 4 #, 5 # Buildings and Underground Garage Project is located in Qujiang New District, with a construction cost of 129 million yuan, a total construction area of 74708.16 ㎡, 1 floor underground, 33 floors above the ground, a building height of 99.2 m, shear wall structure, The project adopts a new generation of engineering construction system (aluminum alloy template - all steel climbing frame - all concrete exterior wall - high-precision block - BIM formal elevator pre concealed rotation) and a new generation of fast construction system (N-layer main construction, N-3 layer masonry, N-5 layer doors and windows, N-9 layer floor heating, N-11 layer fine decoration synchronized construction). The whole house is decorated with precision, efficient, energy-saving, green and environmentally friendly, greatly shortening the construction period, and ensuring project quality. The project has won the honors of provincial and municipal civilized construction site, provincial and municipal high-quality Structural engineering, provincial and municipal green construction demonstration project, provincial innovative technology demonstration project, provincial excellent QC team, etc.




The production scheduling room of China Mobile Western North Region Logistics Center is located on the east side of Gangwu Avenue, Gangwu District, Xi'an City. It is a logistics distribution center in the northwest region. It is a construction project to meet the material distribution management of China Mobile's five western provinces and Tibet region, and comprehensively improve the operation and management level of the enterprise's logistics network. The construction area of this project is 28643.90 square meters, including 2 underground floors and 12 above ground floors. The foundation is a CFG pile composite foundation, which is in the form of a raft foundation. The seismic fortification intensity is eight degrees, and the seismic resistance level is two. The civil air defense design is nuclear level six, and the design service life is 50 years.

During the construction process, the project team carried out quality goal planning and improved the quality creation mechanism. During the construction process, measures such as technical disclosure, quality meetings, and sample guidance were adhered to, and the concepts of safety production, information management, and green development were implemented throughout the entire construction project. The refined control of processes and visual display of information were achieved, ensuring the controlled quality of the project.

At this point, Erjian Group has completed 42 provincial-level high-quality projects and 13 national level high-quality projects (6 Luban Awards and 7 National Excellent Awards), building a large number of high-quality projects for society. Since the beginning of this year, Erjian Group has won two awards for the "Yanta Cup" of Xi'an High Quality Engineering; 1 Shaanxi Provincial Municipal Gold Award Demonstration Project; One national "Zhan Tianyou Excellent Residential District Gold Award"; Nine provincial-level green construction demonstration projects have been approved, and the group's brand construction has achieved fruitful results, continuously enhancing its social influence.

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