The Samsung project department of the group has been awarded the title of"Best Safety Company"again

At the time when the group company comprehensively deepened management innovation and promoted high-quality development of the enterprise, the good news came from the Samsung Project Department in Xi'an. On April 10, 2018, in the appraisal and commendation of Samsung C&T Corporation 'quality and safety activities, it was highly praised by the construction party as "a model, especially in safety and environmental management activities", and was again awarded the title of "the most excellent company in safety".

The Samsung project department of the group has been adhering to Samsung's management philosophy of "making safety a habit and making safety a culture" for nearly half a year since the start of construction. It adheres to the unremitting efforts in safety management, continuously strengthens employees' safety awareness, and encourages every participating employee to develop safety habits and integrate into safety culture. Everyone's confidence in winning this award has doubled, and they will continue to make efforts in various management tasks such as strengthening management, ensuring quality, emphasizing safety, controlling progress, and improving efficiency. (Hu Yiping, Second Direct Department)

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