The country has entered large-scale inland construction and third line construction.During this period,the Second Construction Group has eliminated interference,camped in the rugged mountains of the Qinling Mountains,worked hard to start a business,drilled caves and blasted stone foundations,built modern chemical plants in rugged mountain valleys,completed the relocation of Qinchuan Machine Tool Factory and Baoji Instrument Factory from Shanghai to Baoji,and the relocation of Baoji Forklift Factory and Baoji Qiaoliang Factory from Northeast to Baoji,The Shaanxi Automotive Gear Factory and Shaanxi Automotive Manufacturing Factory relocated from Beijing to Baoji,as well as the Qianjin Machinery Factory,Xianfeng Machinery Factory,and a batch of cave storage projects in the Qinling Mountains,have made special contributions to strengthening and consolidating national defense construction.

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