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Shaanxi Construction Engineering Second Construction Group Co., Ltd. is a company formed by the original Fifth Branch established in 1993, the original Sixth Branch established in 1995, and the original Ninth Direct Project Department established in 2014. In order to further adapt to the needs of market development, in September 2022, with the approval of the group company, the personnel and assets of three units were merged and Shaanxi Construction Engineering Second Construction Group Co., Ltd. was officially established as a company.

A company currently has 212 employees, 126 registered employees, and 87 external employees of various types, including 142 with a college degree or above, 11 with senior professional titles, 52 with intermediate professional titles, and 36 with junior professional titles; There are 19 Class I registered constructors, 24 Class II registered constructors, 3 registered Safety engineer, and 1 Class I registered cost engineer. All kinds of professional technicians are well equipped, with young and middle-aged talents as the backbone. The talent echelon structure is reasonable, the overall quality of the personnel is high, and the professional ability is strong. The company has four departments and one office (Market Development Department, Project Management Department, Business Management Department, Finance Department, and Comprehensive Office), and currently has 10 integrated project departments.

As a core subsidiary of the Second Construction Group, Company 1 has strong construction capabilities. The construction area of the project is distributed in Baoji, Xi'an, Xianyang, Yulin, Yinchuan, Qinghai, Sichuan, Beijing, and other places. The project involves civil architecture, municipal engineering, steel structure factories, and other fields. The company can achieve an annual contract signing amount of 3 billion yuan, achieve an annual output value of 2 billion yuan, and achieve an annual operating income of 1.5 billion yuan. The engineering quality qualification rate is 100%, and the excellent rate is 42%.

A company adheres to the implementation of the group's strategy of "revitalizing enterprises through technology" and the concept of "quality excellence and civilized construction". In the past five years, it has created 8 provincial-level civilized construction sites, built 3 observation sites for civilized construction sites at or above the municipal level, completed 8 provincial-level green construction demonstration projects, and achieved more than 20 excellent QC results in Shaanxi Province. This vividly demonstrates the corporate spirit of Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group, which is "dedication and trustworthiness, brave responsibility, building high-quality products, and pursuing excellence".

One company will seize the opportunity, seize the opportunity, and continue to strive forward as always. We will unite and lead the vast number of employees, continue to carry forward the "iron army" spirit of the Second Construction Group, carry out fine management, forge high-quality products with craftsmanship, continue to liberate the mind, adhere to reform and innovation, shoulder new missions, start a new journey, and make greater contributions to the writing of a new chapter of high-quality development for the Second Construction Group.

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