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The Foundation Engineering Company of Shaanxi Construction Engineering Second Construction Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 and has the first level qualification for professional contracting of foundation engineering.

Under the background of the Internet, the Internet of Things, Big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, Made in China 2025 Industry 4.0 and deep integration of industries, Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group has accumulated rich construction experience in the field of infrastructure construction inside and outside the province based on the national industrial restructuring, supply side reform as the direction, specialization and refinement as the positioning, One of the only three specialized engineering and construction companies within the established Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group.

The basic engineering company currently has 5 team members and 68 employees. Among them, there are 3 senior engineers, 7 engineers, 1 economist, 1 political engineer, 19 assistant engineers, and 2 assistant accountants; There are 3 first level construction engineers, 5 second level construction engineers, 1 first level registered cost engineer, and 1 second level cost engineer. The company has strong comprehensive strength and the ability to quickly establish a professional construction team and organize various types of mechanical equipment that meet construction requirements, guided by engineering characteristics and targeted.

Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the new business philosophy of Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group, which is to "let the other party win first, let the other party win more, and ultimately achieve win-win". Adhere to the principle of "going global" and strive for diversified development. We have successively undertaken the municipal engineering of Xinkai South Road, the first phase of the Jintian Zunyue Mansion construction project, and an annual production of 300000 meters ³ Construction tasks of Prefabricated building supporting plate production and construction project, Yuandong Yibin Intelligent Industrial Park Construction Project (Phase I) pile foundation project, Qinfeng Jiayuan and other projects.

Relying on the strong comprehensive strength of Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group, the Basic Engineering Company will take on the strength and responsibility of a large state-owned enterprise, guided by Shaanxi Construction's new business philosophy, specialize in basic technology research, innovation, exploration, and progress, make friends from all parties, and work together to polish the brand of "Shaanxi Construction Second Construction Group Basic Engineering Company".

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