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Baoji COSCO Mechanical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shaanxi Construction Engineering Second Construction Group Co., Ltd. With a registered capital of 2 million yuan, the company mainly engages in leasing and processing maintenance of building tempered materials such as steel frame pipes, galvanized steel frame pipes, fasteners, screws, mountain clamps, gun heads, steel frame plates, tool type fences, climbing frame nets, square pipes, etc. It has obtained the second level "Professional Contracting Qualification Certificate for Lifting Equipment Installation Engineering" confirmed by the Shaanxi Department of Housing and Urban Rural Development.

Baoji COSCO Mechanical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. currently has 13 employees, including 2 with senior professional titles, 2 with intermediate professional titles, and 4 with junior professional titles. The company has 5 employees who have obtained job certificates for materials, quality, special equipment management, mechanical installation and dismantling, etc. The company's employee team has a high comprehensive quality and good professional skills.

The company currently has two stations, Baoji and Xi'an, with strong technical strength and assets. We have a large number of various models of steel frame pipes, galvanized steel pipes, fasteners, screws, mountain clamps, galvanized frame plates, external frame steel mesh, tool type fences, all steel climbing frames, etc. The supply areas are mainly distributed in Xi'an, Xianyang, Baoji and surrounding areas, with over 30 project departments. Our company has assisted the construction project department multiple times in accepting provincial-level civilized construction sites, Chang'an Cup, etc., and has received high praise in this industry.

The company adopts a modern business management approach, customer-oriented, flexible and convenient leasing methods, high-quality and thoughtful service, and is dedicated to building an industry brand company. The company adheres to the business management philosophy of "standardized management, energy conservation and consumption reduction, green environmental protection, and high-quality services"; Taking "people-oriented, innovative, responsible, collaborative, and win-win" as the core values and unremitting pursuit of COSCO people, we are willing to work together with friends from all walks of life for development, harmonious and win-win!

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